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Potting Bench

A simple gardening hobby will be much more exciting if you can do it conveniently. And the best thing to use to help you work on your hobby easily is potting bench. It is a work table with elaborated features like shelves and drawers. These features provide storage space for the tools and other gardening equipments.

It has work area where you can do the transplanting of flowers or seed in the pot without the need to squat or sitting on your heels.

Some of the units have optional features such as hole in one part of the table area where you can place a bucket of water.

Potting bench can be made of wood like cedar. It is also made of synthetic materials and wrought-iron. Cedar wood is mostly used for this item because of its durability and resistant to insect and rot. The natural deep red or white color of cedar can blend with the other decors of your garden.

Another cedar wood product perfect for your garden and for you as gardener are cedar window boxes. These outdoor items can be used if you want to have a mini-garden right outside your bedroom window. It is available in different shapes and sizes for you to choose.