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Indoor Herb Garden Pots

Providing your plants the proper container can make you herb gardening successful. Garden pots that are made of clay able the plants to breathe properly and promote good air circulation.

Holes at the bottom of the pots – this will give them good drainage. Plants does not love wet feet. Over watering them can be harmful for them. We will notice if they have been flooded with water is their stalk turns yellow.

Gravel – by adding some gravel can also help good drainage for the herbs. This could increase their moisture.

Soil – Fill the pots with good soil to give them good growth.

Fertilizer – when planting your herbs in pots, there are some that does not require fertilizer, but there are some that would. Fertilizers act as food of herbs. But this must be observed in a correct weather.

Pruning – Potted plants also needs to be pruned. This promotes new growth and gives them a fuller appearance.

Sunlight – if your plants are grown in pots they must be given enough sunlight. If you have a wide yard then you can place them in a location where they can be exposed to direct sunlight. If you intend to grow them inside your home, then you can place them near a window.

Frost and insects – potted plants have less risk to frost and insects. You can provide them the greenhouse effect. If you have placed them inside your backyard, during frost season you can transfer them inside your house to give them full protection from frost.