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Gardening Makes Good Hobby

· Gardening is a good stress reliever. How can anyone stay tense while puttering in the garden or greenhouse? Watching the seedlings grow into healthy plants with bountiful produce or flowers is very calming. If by chance the gardener is having a really bad day, there is always the compost pile which could use turning.

· With that being said, gardening is a great form of exercise. Digging, bending, walking, stretching, raking and planting is good for a person. Puttering out in the greenhouse keeps a person who may otherwise be a couch potato active.

· Not only does it provide fresh produce, but it saves money as well. Most people who garden as a hobby also preserve their harvest. They may have an initial investment of canning equipment, but that is much cheaper than buying frozen or canned vegetables and fruit. The equipment is generally a one-time expense and may be used year after year. The only replacements that may need to be made are broken jars or the need for new lids.

· In addition to the canning mentioned above, money is also saved when herbs are grown and dried for winter use. Herbs and spices can be very expensive, especially for those who use a lot in their cooking. Chives, dill, oregano, thyme, marjoram and garlic are just a few of the herbs that can be preserved for winter use.

· Gardening is also a great way to earn some extra money from selling bedding plants to selling the harvest. Depending on the family’s needs, occasionally the garden produces more than they will be able to use or can. This is when a trip to the local Farmer’s Market can prove to be lucrative. Many people do not have access to a garden spot and anxiously await the fall harvest. They will be happy to buy fresh picked produce as opposed to anything from the produce section in the local grocery store.

· Gardening may be done anywhere from the balcony of a high-rise apartment to the open fields of a quarter section of land. It is a hobby that has few boundaries.