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Cheap Gardening Pots

Gardening pots is enjoyed by anyone, it does not matter how old or young you are, how much information one has about gardening, you do not have a garden and just do gardening in the window box. Gardening hobby has become very fashionable in America especially the window box option gardening style which has low maintenance with cheap garden pots. Cheap garden pots are very easy to maintain and they also create excitement within garden décor. It creates a natural sanctuary type décor in busy street, along with balconies and rooftops.

Cheap gardening pots are very easy to take care of; it just requires few gardening tips. One can have immense success, with enjoyable and pleasurable pastime with very little efforts.

The primary focus in gardening is to choose which gardening pot to use. Cheap gardening pots come with different sizes, shapes and colors. Apart from the market made ready made cheap pots, practically house hold things can also be used in gardening pots like, tubs, old sinks, buckets, shoes and barrels cut into half.

Before starting the process of your gardening, one should ensure that the soil is perfect which allows the plant to grow. Soil based composed should be used while planting into pots, ensure that some amount of moisture accumulates in the bottom and then make or drill one hole. The process remains the same for homemade or readymade cheap pots for gardening. A garden pot needs much more quantity of water than a huge area garden. The water dries up very fast in garden containers because of direct exposure to sunlight.

In cheap gardening pots the positive point is, one can choose its own place to keep the plant. Plant can be kept in a suitable area as per requirement, with the best growing conditions. Depending on the plant type, sunlight should be given to the plant. Some plants prefer shades wherein others need direct exposure to sunlight.

Potting Table

Whether functional or decorative, a potting table can add a style to your outdoor area. Some potting tables are just a simple table, much like any indoor table or card table. Other ones are elaborate storage devices, with drawers, nooks, hooks and other utility features.

When buying a table, decide first what you need it to do. If it will be your only gardening platform, you may want a table that functions for many uses. However, if the table merely needs to function as a shelf to hold plants or containers, a simple one will work for you.

Wood is commonly used in the manufacture of potting tables. Western red cedar is a popular wood used in the manufacture of tables. This type of wood is an ideal choice for a potting table. Western red cedar is weather resistant and also resists insects, termites and moths. Cedar is frequently used as lining in closets and chests for this specific reason. Western red cedar is beautiful in its natural stain, but can also be stained or painted, if desired.

Teak is also used for potting tables. Teak is a wood from Asia that is highly prized for its durability, resistant to water, humidity and cold, and its resistance to insects. Teak can sometimes be more expensive than other woods, so a table made with teak may exceed your budget expectations. However, many people consider teak to be worth the extra money because of its long lifespan and utility.

A potting table with shelves is a great use in gardening. Shelves can hold empty or full containers, potting soil, tools and other necessary utensils. Shelves are also great for displaying blooming flowers. Decorators often use potting tables as a decorative element in creating an attractive outdoor space. Look for shelves that are well built and capable of holding a good deal of weight.

Drawers add additional storage capability. Pullout drawers are great for storing smaller items, such as small spades, gardening gloves and automatic water feeders. Drawers also help keep your gardening area looking neat and tidy. Although a potting table with drawers can sometimes be more expensive than a simple table, it is usually well worth the extra dollars.

Wheels are a great addition to a potting table. Wheels make it easy to move your potting table from place to place and eliminate the need to unload the table before moving it. Wheels on a potting table can also be helpful in preventing back injuries and pulled muscles. If you are investing in a table with shelves and drawers, you might also want to look for one with wheels.

Potting Bench

A simple gardening hobby will be much more exciting if you can do it conveniently. And the best thing to use to help you work on your hobby easily is potting bench. It is a work table with elaborated features like shelves and drawers. These features provide storage space for the tools and other gardening equipments.

It has work area where you can do the transplanting of flowers or seed in the pot without the need to squat or sitting on your heels.

Some of the units have optional features such as hole in one part of the table area where you can place a bucket of water.

Potting bench can be made of wood like cedar. It is also made of synthetic materials and wrought-iron. Cedar wood is mostly used for this item because of its durability and resistant to insect and rot. The natural deep red or white color of cedar can blend with the other decors of your garden.

Another cedar wood product perfect for your garden and for you as gardener are cedar window boxes. These outdoor items can be used if you want to have a mini-garden right outside your bedroom window. It is available in different shapes and sizes for you to choose.

Custom Landscaping Bridges

I’m talking about bridges. No, not one to allow the motorists a short cut on their way to work each morning, but instead the miniature versions, such as foot bridges, garden bridges, or bridges crossing that water feature I mentioned earlier. Whatever the bridge may be for, you would be surprised at how popular they are with home buyers – especially ones with children or gardening hobbies. The addition of a garden bridge is seen by most as a great way to improve the value of your section, without going to great lengths to achieve something dramatically off the path of mainstream thought. It’s all very well to suggest that you add a foot bridge to your garden, but just where are you going to find one?

Whatever your ultimate goal for your garden is, make sure you consider the installation of a garden bridge as part of the planning process. They aren’t as expensive as you may think, and if you choose the right provider / builder – you will just love looking out the window and seeing that prominent feature positioned nicely in your garden.

Well, that’s the issue isn’t it? Firstly, no two gardens are the same – therefore it’s unlikely that those commercially manufactured bridges at the garden centre will fit the exact design that you have in mind for your garden. Additionally, you don’t want a trashy or tacky bridge that sticks out and screams “I’m commercially manufactured!”. So, to get around these issues, I recommend you invest a little more money in a custom built foot bridge for your abode. Don’t for one minute think that this will cost you the world – because it certainly won’t. You can find websites online such as redwoodgardenbridges, which allow for a custom made touch to your garden bridge requirement, without breaking the budget.

The other good thing about doing it through custom building websites is that you can ensure the people building your new foot bridge have a proven reputation, and are not just amateurs offering their services because they have nothing else to do. You must be very vigilant for this type of company – as the workmanship going into the bridges will be far from top quality. A good website will show you examples of landscaping bridges that they have built in the past, and may even provide customer testimonials to endorse the quality of work and the level of service that they got.

Start Hydroponics Garden

  • Hydroponic gardening takes up less space than a traditional garden.
  • A hydroponic garden system uses no soil, thus no fuss and no mess.
  • Growing your own fresh herbs and fruits is less expensive than buying them your local grocer.
  • You can enjoy year round, non-stop vegetables and flowers.
  • The fruits and vegetables grown with a hydroponic system yields more than a old-fashioned garden.
  • Growing the hydroponics way will de-stress your life and keep you healthy.
  • It is better for mother earth.
  • Learning how to grow using hydroponics can bring this new hobby to others and they can share in your passion.
  • It is inexpensive to start and to maintain.
  • No more going out in the cold to find your favorite fruit or herb that may or may not be in season at the supermarket.

All of these reasons are valid ones. Although there may be other reasons that a person will start their own hydroponic garden, these are just some of the obvious one’s. Once you get started on your own garden system using the hydroponics way you will wonder why you did not get started sooner.

Garden With Lights During Winter

There are a few items you will need to bring your gardening hobby indoors. To start, potting and soil will be most important. Don’t use the same outdoor soil for your indoor potted plants. Potting soil is best because it doesn’t pack down and it allows water to easily soak through it. Of course, there are more trace nutrients in your outdoor soil, so adding a little to your potting soil could be totally helpful to your plants’ growth. With planter soil, you can easily tell if your flowers need more water. Just by pushing your finger in, you will be able to tell if it is damp or dry.

Light is another important item. If you don’t see the sun all winter, you will have to purchase some grow lights. If you are able to spend some cash, LED grow lights are the highest quality and the most efficient. These fixtures are so efficient they don’t waste energy or burn your leaves. Of course, if you live in a location like California, you will usually still get sun every day. This makes it easy to set up your plants in a sunny area.

You will also have to think about a watering system. It is simple if you plan to only have a few plants. If you want to get more complex because you have a bigger garden, you can set up a hydroponic system. A hydroponic system will allow for water to get evenly circulated by means of a reservoir and fluid filter pump. You can use this as many times a day as you want. Lights that give off a lot of heat will make watering more constant.

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to end your gardening days. With the help of today’s technology, you can have a beautiful garden all indoors. You will be able to plant vegetables, flowers, and plants that your friends won’t. Use your stunning garden to create beautiful holiday centerpieces for your friends and family.

Optimize Gardening Work

Light Space
After determining the area for your garden, you should determine which are the light and the dark spaces in your garden. In this way you can choose plants and flowers that require less or more light spaces.

Mowing can be Reduced
If you do not like the moving, you can still be a gardener by reducing the lawn space. For example, you can add fruit trees and berry bushes.

Using of Shovel
Many people have only one shovel for their gardening work. However, using of two shovels could improve your work:

  • The lighter shovel with short handle is suitable for more precise tasks.
  • If you want a greater control for digging up tasks, you should use a heavier shovel with a longer handle.

Moving of Objects
There are many tasks which require to move something in your garden. If you find them to be hard or you want to protect your back, you can use a garden cart. You should carefully check out all of the cart’s parameters before buying one. For example, if you look for a cart that will provide you an easy load and unload functionality, you should choose a garden cart with one or two wheels.

Using of mulch in your garden could reduce needs for watering and weeding. In this way, you can improve the entire health of your garden as well.

Checking of Plants
You can prevent the problems of your plants in their early stages by regularly checking them if something unexpected happens.

You can improve the effect of the watering if you water your plants and flowers in the early morning. You should also try to water them deep.

Garden Tote
If you often lose your tools, you can use a garden tote that will help you to bring the smaller tools with you everywhere you go in your garden.

Hobby Greenhouse Kit

Size and Available Space:

Greenhouse kits can be designed to fit almost any space, big or small. If you have room for a garden than you easily have room for your own greenhouse. There’s also a variety of different styles from freestanding to lean-to’s that make it possible to have a greenhouse in almost any situation.


A hobby greenhouse creates the opportunity to spend as much or as little time as you like with your garden. You no longer need to worry about constant weeding or having to protect your plants from invasive creatures. If you’d rather spend time in the garden than the grocery store a greenhouse might be a great fit.


Getting started with your own hobby greenhouse costs less than you might think. With a quality plan in place you should be able to begin growing your fruits and vegetables while staying on budget. In the long-run it is possible to save money with a greenhouse since you will be growing your own fruits and vegetables. A package of seeds is usually far cheaper than buying that same vegetable or fruit in a grocery store.

Types of Plants:

Nearly any plant can be grown in a greenhouse, however some thought needs to be put into what types of plants you hope to grow. When you have decided on the type of garden you want, a greenhouse will allow you to control the environment to provide ideal growing conditions for your plants. Doing some research before hand will ensure that you know how to effectively use your greenhouse and create optimal growing conditions.

Indoor Herb Garden Pots

Providing your plants the proper container can make you herb gardening successful. Garden pots that are made of clay able the plants to breathe properly and promote good air circulation.

Holes at the bottom of the pots – this will give them good drainage. Plants does not love wet feet. Over watering them can be harmful for them. We will notice if they have been flooded with water is their stalk turns yellow.

Gravel – by adding some gravel can also help good drainage for the herbs. This could increase their moisture.

Soil – Fill the pots with good soil to give them good growth.

Fertilizer – when planting your herbs in pots, there are some that does not require fertilizer, but there are some that would. Fertilizers act as food of herbs. But this must be observed in a correct weather.

Pruning – Potted plants also needs to be pruned. This promotes new growth and gives them a fuller appearance.

Sunlight – if your plants are grown in pots they must be given enough sunlight. If you have a wide yard then you can place them in a location where they can be exposed to direct sunlight. If you intend to grow them inside your home, then you can place them near a window.

Frost and insects – potted plants have less risk to frost and insects. You can provide them the greenhouse effect. If you have placed them inside your backyard, during frost season you can transfer them inside your house to give them full protection from frost.

Zone Gardening

In case you are not aware, growing zones are designated in the gardening hobby to help you determine which plants are appropriate for where you live. The zones are based on environmental factors, like heat and cold, plus moisture conditions.

Zone 5 is the upper midwest area, including northern Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, northern Indiana, and parts of Ohio. See our website for further details.

Now let’s talk about three plants that are ideal for containers in Zone 5…

Vincas are a pretty flower that love full sun and are really easy to grow. Just add water when they start to droop a little. Our aunt who lived in Chicago couldn’t grow anything in the container outside her front door. We introduced her to vincas and soon thereafter she had everyone on her block asking about her new pretty flowers! So if you’re lacking in gardening confidence, try vincas.

Lantana is another plant that is very colorful and easy to grow. As an added bonus, they are tolerant of drought so this too is another good choice for beginners. They are also known to attract butterflies!

Another great choice for containers in Zone 5 are petunias. A very popular flower, petunias will give you a nice cascading effect as they mature during the season.