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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Portable Green House

1. Regardless of the available outdoor space, you can find a portable green house that fits. A small seed starter providing 8 square feet of protected space may be just the right size for a small terrace or deck. On the other hand, a 75- or 100 square foot unit may work great sitting in the yard.

2. Anyone who hasn’t already tried green house gardening may feel more comfortable starting small. Without a huge investment (often less than $100), a mini structure can help the beginner learn how to create ideal growing conditions for green house plants.

3. Many experienced gardeners have had to make the difficult choice to downsize their garden and property space. At some point, it is just too much work for them to handle. A portable green house allows them to still enjoy their gardening hobby and remain active despite their smaller space.

4. A variety of herbs and greens can successfully grow in a greenhouse during the entire year – offering a fresh salad or seasonings year round.

5. Even houseplants like to move outside now and then! The humidity generated in a greenhouse can greatly benefit indoor plants that have to combat air conditioning and dry indoor heating.

6. Small greenhouses help gardeners get a head start on spring planting. Starting seeds in a green house or giving tender perennials some extra protection can make a big difference when it’s time to plant them outdoors.

7. Portable green houses are easy to manage. They’re compact, lightweight, and can usually be set up or taken apart in a few minutes or even just seconds.

Indoor Vegetable Gardening

The best part about indoor vegetable gardening is that you can get started with almost any space. What I recommend is to first think of what you want to grow in your indoor garden. Then you need to figure out what type of space requirements your plants will need as well as the typical water, soil (or non-soil for hydroponics), and light requirements that are needed for these plants. Also to note, indoor vegetable gardening will give you the option of growing out of season veggies, especially if you are in a climate where the weather gets cold during parts of the year.

Regarding eating healthy, most nutritionists will tell you that it is best to eat a wide variety of foods to ensure proper nutrient balance in the body. With indoor vegetable gardening, you have the capability of changing your crops and supplementing the produce you can purchase at the market. Plus, you can end up saving a lot of money once you get all of the indoor vegetable gardening supplies.

Prior to beginning, you will need to obtain some basic equipment and figure out your space limitations in your growing area. Many people use spare bedrooms, basements, or even closets. If you are thinking of indoor vegetable gardening, others even utilize the space in the kitchen to keep a close eye on their veggies, especially because that is where the meal preparations take place! You can get many different tools, devices, pots, space savers, measurement and pH meters to help you on your journey to ensure proper nutrient and growing levels.

Cheap Gardening Pots

Gardening pots is enjoyed by anyone, it does not matter how old or young you are, how much information one has about gardening, you do not have a garden and just do gardening in the window box. Gardening hobby has become very fashionable in America especially the window box option gardening style which has low maintenance with cheap garden pots. Cheap garden pots are very easy to maintain and they also create excitement within garden décor. It creates a natural sanctuary type décor in busy street, along with balconies and rooftops.

Cheap gardening pots are very easy to take care of; it just requires few gardening tips. One can have immense success, with enjoyable and pleasurable pastime with very little efforts.

The primary focus in gardening is to choose which gardening pot to use. Cheap gardening pots come with different sizes, shapes and colors. Apart from the market made ready made cheap pots, practically house hold things can also be used in gardening pots like, tubs, old sinks, buckets, shoes and barrels cut into half.

Before starting the process of your gardening, one should ensure that the soil is perfect which allows the plant to grow. Soil based composed should be used while planting into pots, ensure that some amount of moisture accumulates in the bottom and then make or drill one hole. The process remains the same for homemade or readymade cheap pots for gardening. A garden pot needs much more quantity of water than a huge area garden. The water dries up very fast in garden containers because of direct exposure to sunlight.

In cheap gardening pots the positive point is, one can choose its own place to keep the plant. Plant can be kept in a suitable area as per requirement, with the best growing conditions. Depending on the plant type, sunlight should be given to the plant. Some plants prefer shades wherein others need direct exposure to sunlight.

Potting Table

Whether functional or decorative, a potting table can add a style to your outdoor area. Some potting tables are just a simple table, much like any indoor table or card table. Other ones are elaborate storage devices, with drawers, nooks, hooks and other utility features.

When buying a table, decide first what you need it to do. If it will be your only gardening platform, you may want a table that functions for many uses. However, if the table merely needs to function as a shelf to hold plants or containers, a simple one will work for you.

Wood is commonly used in the manufacture of potting tables. Western red cedar is a popular wood used in the manufacture of tables. This type of wood is an ideal choice for a potting table. Western red cedar is weather resistant and also resists insects, termites and moths. Cedar is frequently used as lining in closets and chests for this specific reason. Western red cedar is beautiful in its natural stain, but can also be stained or painted, if desired.

Teak is also used for potting tables. Teak is a wood from Asia that is highly prized for its durability, resistant to water, humidity and cold, and its resistance to insects. Teak can sometimes be more expensive than other woods, so a table made with teak may exceed your budget expectations. However, many people consider teak to be worth the extra money because of its long lifespan and utility.

A potting table with shelves is a great use in gardening. Shelves can hold empty or full containers, potting soil, tools and other necessary utensils. Shelves are also great for displaying blooming flowers. Decorators often use potting tables as a decorative element in creating an attractive outdoor space. Look for shelves that are well built and capable of holding a good deal of weight.

Drawers add additional storage capability. Pullout drawers are great for storing smaller items, such as small spades, gardening gloves and automatic water feeders. Drawers also help keep your gardening area looking neat and tidy. Although a potting table with drawers can sometimes be more expensive than a simple table, it is usually well worth the extra dollars.

Wheels are a great addition to a potting table. Wheels make it easy to move your potting table from place to place and eliminate the need to unload the table before moving it. Wheels on a potting table can also be helpful in preventing back injuries and pulled muscles. If you are investing in a table with shelves and drawers, you might also want to look for one with wheels.